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in·​tel·​li·​gence | \ in-ˈte-lə-jən(t)s
(1) the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations : reason, also : the skilled use of reason
(2) the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria (such as tests)
(3) the act of understanding : comprehension


We seek, we find, we interpret, we tell you.

Then it is in your hands.

Who We Are

SpaceFund Intelligence is a renaissance team of some of the leading experts in space business, government and military space programs, science, engineering and policy melded with experts in global politics and new tech – including media and fintech. SpaceFund Intelligence started life as a support function of SpaceFund’s investment strategy, and our very real need for top of the line bottom line knowledge and understanding of the space field. 

First formed to carry out our own due diligence, the early team then began to publish our findings as a service to the space community in the form of the SpaceFund Reality Ratings. These compendiums of information on the range of space industrial verticals soon became a go to resource for investors, contractors, media and government personnel and leaders from around the world.

With the addition of friends whose expertise goes beyond even our own, SpaceFund Intelligence offers your management team something you can find nowhere else. Our team brings your team abstract and creative expertise and knowledge combined with hands on real life day to day operational engagement. More, as the functioning arm of an active investment fund, we aren’t just in this for the fees. Our own financial success depends on us being right.

Core Competencies

Artificial Intelligence

Using machines programmed to think like humans to create unique value and insights within the space domain.

Corporate Management

Advising on and implementing key leadership and management personnel to allow companies to unlock their full potential.

DOD / Commercial Interactions

Navigating opportunities and relationships between stakeholders in government programs and private industry. 

Environment & Climate

Evaluating technologies and policies to protect, preserve, and restore ecosystems and natural resources on Earth and in space.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Advising on proposed transactions pertaining the transfer or consolidation of commercial space organizations.

Space Architecture

Theorizing and implementing designs for free-floating or surface-based habitats and infrastructure. 

Space Exploration

Assessing the pros and cons of various robotic and crewed initiatives to explore space beyond Earth orbit and proposing new approaches. 

Space Geopolitics - Domestic

Discussing the role of space in diplomatic, political, legal, and economic frameworks within the United States. 

Space Intelligence

Leveraging space-based data to identify threats and opportunities and make informed decisions relating to national security 

Space Medicine

Researching the effects of the space environment on the human body and practicing medicine before, during, and after spaceflight. 

Space Strategy

Transforming how stakeholders approach the development of new operations and capabilities within the strategic environment of space.

Space Weather

Identifying and responding to the threats to technology and human activity presented by high energy particles and other space conditions.

Business Strategy

Helping companies achieve their goals via a roadmap of long-term business planning, decision making, and resource allocation.


Best-practices for proper protection, confidentiality, and reliability of space-derived data, networks, and devices. 


Evaluating technologies and policies to provide power to systems and communities in space and on Earth.

Geology & Mining

Evaluating technologies and policies to responsibly and efficiently extract, process, and utilize resources in space and on Earth. 


Integrating innovative and interdisciplinary robotic technologies into space exploration and in-space supply chain applications. 

Space Economics

Studying the production, distribution, and consumption of goods,  services, and wealth in cislunar space and beyond. 

Space Finance

Proposing modern financial systems and strategies to effectively deploy capital and grow the commercial space sector.

Space Geopolitics - Foreign

Discussing the role of space in diplomatic, political, legal, and economic frameworks outside of the United States. 

Space Life Sustainability

Designing core components and systems to provide air, water, food, waste, and environmental conditions to support life in space. 

Space Settlement

Advocating for the permanent habitation and development of space beyond exploration and temporary outposts. 

Space Supply Chain Development

Guiding new processes for producing and distributing space-based commodities within the Earth-Moon-Mars system and beyond.  

Spacecraft Design & Engineering

Designing and building innovative technologies and systems to explore and conduct activities beyond Earth’s atmosphere. 

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